How to Avoid Taxi Scams 

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If you are in a big city and need fast and dependable transportation, catching a taxi could be a good option for you. However, seeing all those flying yellow vehicles can make you confused. Which one to pick, you would ask. Here are a fee tips to avoid unprofessional drivers: 

  • Be picky. If you need to use a cab on a regular basis traveling to different destinations, being hasty in making a decision could be a mistake. Be a little picky and choose a licensed company that provides timely services at fair rates.
  • Research fares and routes. When you get in a cab, the first thing you should do is to ask the driver about his fares and the route he will take. It is a very common scam a driver to take the longest route to make you pay more money. So, you can ask for some details about the traffic, shortest routes, and the fares in advance.


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